Property Details for 4013 N 29th St

4013 N 29th St, Tampa, FL 33610
4013 N 29th St, Tampa, FL 33610

Congratulations. You’ve found 4013 N 29th St, Tampa, FL 33610. Now you need to know if it is right for you. Fortunately,® is going to give you all the help you need, with information about not only price, dimensions and number of bedrooms, but facts about the local school situation, demographic data and current real estate market info for the area in which 4013 N 29th St is located. Whether you’re looking for a house, condo, townhouse or another property, the more information you have, the more confident you can be. Find out all the information you need about 4013 N 29th St right here.

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Figure skater Adam Rippon says it’s ‘weird’ to be the first openly gay athlete at the Winter Olympics

Adam Rippon discusses being the first openly gay Winter Olympic athlete.

Adam Rippon discusses being the first openly gay Winter Olympic athlete. Tyler Oakley/YouTuber

Adam Rippon, a figure skater, will be representing the United States at Pyeongchang 2018. The 28-year-old recently talked to YouTuber Tyler Oakley about being the first openly gay athlete to compete for the US in the Winter Olympics. Rippon said as proud as he is of the title, he also finds it a little weird. "It’s 2018. It’s so hard to think that I’m the first openly gay winter athlete." Rippon said it’s important for him to be "open and share" who he is, because it gives kids someone to look up to. Rippon also spoke to Oakley about the stereotypes associated with male figure skating and sexuality. "It’s such an eye roll. Like ‘Of course you’re gay — you’re a figure skater.’ Not everybody is gay in figure skating. Maybe I wouldn’t be f—— single." Watch the full interview below.

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Gasparilla Pirates Threaten To Take Over Tampa Saturday

TAMPA, FL – In preparation for Tampa’s annual pirate invasion Saturday, Jan. 27, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn gathered his top law enforcement advisers Monday, Jan. 22, at Tampa Police Department Headquarters to discuss strategies to outwit the band of buccaneers and keep the city of Tampa safe.

While the perennial battle between the city and the Gasparilla pirates is all in fun, Buckhorn said the safety of residents and visitors to the annual Gasparilla Festival is no joke.

Along with Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan, representatives from Tampa Fire Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Hillsborough County Schools, Pepin Distributing and Gasparilla organizer Ye Mystic Krewe, Buckhorn held a press conference Monday to discuss parking rules, traffic issues, water safety and a zero tolerance drinking policy for teen revelers.

Celebrated since 1904, the festival is a tribute to the fictional pirate, Jose Gaspar, who was rumored to sail Tampa Bay in the 1700s, plundering towns along the way. Over the years, Gasparilla has developed into the third largest parade and festival in the country, attracting tourists from around the world and filtering an estimated $23 million into Tampa’s economy.

That Gasparilla pirate invasion scenario continues to be played out every year when members of tYe Mystic Krewe, organizers of the festival, invade Tampa in their replica Jose Gasparilla pirate ship and demand the mayor hand over the keys to the city.


The pirates threw down the gauntlet last week when Ye Mystic Krewe Capt. Christopher Lykes sent Buckhorn an ultimatum for Buckhorn to meet him at high noon Tuesday, Jan. 23, in downtown Tampa to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the city and avoid a battle.

Capt. Lykes and his crew, accompanied by cannon fire, will launch a raiding party in downtown Tampa Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. to lay out Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s conditions for surrendering the city.

Like his predecessors, however, Buckhorn has yet to surrender the city without a fight in his seven years as mayor. And this year is no exception.

His refusal to surrender will inevitably lead to the annual Gasparilla Invasion of the pirates Saturday, Jan. 27.

This year’s invasion will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday with the Jose Gasparilla pirate ship docking at the Tampa Convention Center. The annual Invasion Brunch will take place starting at 1 p.m. At the brunch, Buckhorn will finally surrender the keys to the city to the Capt. Lykes.

Buckhorn, however, said the act of handing over the keys to the buccaneers is more a victory than a defeat for Tampa due to the boon to the city’s economy during the annual festival and its accompanying events including the Gasparilla music festival, road race, art festival and children’s parade.

This year, Buckhorn is hoping for an even bigger bounty due to the festivities surrounding Tampa hosting the NHL All-Star game and fan festival Jan. 26-28 in conjunction with Gasparilla weekend.

"I rarely say anything nice about these pirates, but Gasparilla is one of the things that truly set us apart from the nation," Buckhorn said. "This year, we will be combining the festivities with NHL All-Star Weekend to elevate Tampa on the national stage once again."

In that light, Buckhorn said he’s pulling out all stops to make sure festival-goers have a safe weekend.

"Our goal is to make Gasparilla safe and fun with no arrests," he said. "We want people to leave with beads around their neck – not with handcuffs around their wrists."

With that in mind, Tampa Police will receive assistance from 22 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies this weekend.

Photo via City of Tampa

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Why Do You Need Online Apartment Locator?

These days people are busy, and they do not have much time for doing things other than their work, and this also includes searching for East Hartford apartments for rent. Due to this, they look for professionals and seek their help with the apartment hunt. But this is not an ideal option for everybody, particularly if someone is tight on budget. In such a scenario, online apartment locators are the best choice and are often preferred as well.

Online apartment locators are a better option because they allow one to do their apartment search in a more appropriate manner. It is something that you can be able to do on your own with the help of your computer and an internet connection. There is no specific time for doing this, and you can search for apartments online whenever you like and whenever you find time to do so. You don’t also have to get bothered by those calls during the work hours as well as odd hours during the day. Simply put, you are allowed to look for apartments in the most convenient manner.

Also, the use of online apartment finders tools is helpful in becoming more efficient with the search. You should find available rental apartments in a far quicker way as you can get the result of your search inside a few seconds on the computer screen. It is something that you can do fairly easily by only entering city name or zip code where you’re planning to get your next apartment. As soon as the results show up on your computer screen, selections of various apartments can be checked out by seeing which of these apartments have the amenities that you’d like to have in your next rental. Whether you want fitness center, swimming pool, or laundry room in your apartment rest assured that you’ll be able to know about all the amenities that the apartments have to offer. In fact, you can also get the feel of those amenities because most of the rental advertisements are posted with pictures of the apartments and their salient features. Using apartment locators online can truly lessen your hassle as well as the time you’ll have to spend for searching the right apartment which suits your needs.

Finally, you can be able to save money while searching for apartments in East Hartford online. As you won’t have to employ anybody for searching the apartments on your behalf, there won’t be any need to pay anyone for the services rendered. You do not even have to pay anything for gas to travel to different neighborhoods hunting for the right apartment for you. Everything is done online, and you will only have to visit the apartments that you think are the right match for your needs. Visit them at the end and select the right one for you.

Finding Apartments For Rent Made A Lot Easier

Many people find it quite hard and challenging to rent apartments. In fact, it is because you have to go through so many things before you can land a perfect apartment for your needs. You would want to make sure that you do not waste all the effort in finding some place which might be your worst nightmare. So, it is important that you consider some of the below-mentioned things before you find an apartment for you so that it is just according to your expectations.

First of all, you must know what the neighborhood you are looking into has to offer. Does it offer everything you need? Do you have all the amenities inside? Is your prospective apartment location close to all important facilities that you would like to enjoy? What is the security like in that place? These are some of the important questions you must ask yourself before deciding on the neighborhood for your East Hartford apartments. If you land a good neighborhood with all important facilities close by then, you are certainly sure to solve half of your problems.

The next consideration is, of course, what you can afford. There is no point in getting apartments for rent which go out of your budget. If you do, you will only end up troubling yourself and won’t be able to make your ends meet. There will be constant stress on your mind when it comes to paying rent for your apartments and also paying for different utilities.

You should also check whether the apartment you are going to choose is furnished with necessary items or not. Sometimes, you can be able to find quite affordable apartments which are already equipped with all basic furniture and appliances. It is important that you visit the apartment and see what’s already there in the unit and what you will have to buy or bring with you.

Lighting is one of those details that are often overlooked. Some of the apartments usually have lights present in each room whereas others don’t have them. Anything which will not be required in your new location can also be sold out so that you can cut down the stuff which you will need to pack.

Another thing that you should never forget when you’re hunting for apartments in the east Hartford is that you must check for laundry facilities, or, at least, there must be washer & dryer available. Most of the times, you will find these for sure. However, there may be shared laundry space in most complexes. It is worth asking that will there be anything charged separately for the same or not.

Though it can be hard to plan your move to some new place, if you prepare in time, then the process will become a lot smoother for you.